- HEAR me -

I saw you look away
Is what you've seen too much to take
Or are you blind and seeing nothing?

-Bullet For My Valentine : Hands Of Blood-

My heart is worn out to keep beating
My lungs exhausted by all this breathing
My mind's too tired to keep grieving
My throat is too sore for more screaming
My eyes too swollen for more weeping
My wounds are too dry for more bleeding
My blood too drained for more streaming

-Sentenced : My Slowing Heart-

-My Cloud-

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You sure you didn't ended up here by accident?


!![WTS] Samsung Omnia II i8000
( Tuesday, December 06, 2011 )

Hi all,

Selling Samsung Omnia II i8000 on behalf of a friend.

2 unit available

Asking Price: RM 500 per unit, can still nego
Condition: Mint, women owner.

Skype: elevenblackchildren
Phone: 0174607780, call, SMS or WhatsApp

Phone specs refer here. Thank you.

!!PS3 Games for Sale. [SOLD]
( Monday, June 13, 2011 )


!!KL Streets
( Monday, November 01, 2010 )

A song by MaliQue, 2nd Verse of the Songs.

im breakin bread now with joe flizz in showbiz
(but)these hopeless singers makin rap slow biz
entertainment now is textin,vote like elections
with all due respect
i disagree with your selections
underserving overnight stars
these punchlines will leave you punkk with
overnight scars
industry victim fighting for the right course
re-write laws,a rebel yes without a slight pause
whatever happen to talent,skills and hardwork?
can do much.laugh,chill,start work
hit the streets,kl phat cap on in back alleys
politickin with OG's,toolies in the fat bellys
adversaries steady plottin because they fearful
say my raps are deeper now no longer cheerful
but still i give them an earful,its tearful
told my mother i hustle
and she said be careful

!!CBR 1000 for sale.
( Thursday, October 28, 2010 )

Register Singapore 2006
With documents and grant
Legal ride in Malaysia
Road Tax valid until Sept 2011
Mileage 18k++
Color Black
Accident Free
Racing Tank
Custom Exhaust
Free Rain Suit worth RM150 - never used
looking at RM35k.
Skype, YM: elevenblackchildren
Email: elevenblackchildren@yahoo.com